Saturday, 3 March 2012

Cooking with Chemo

Good Morning! It's 8am on a Saturday and I am awake, I definitely have cancer because this is outrageous, surely. I had to give yesterday a miss on the writing because if you remember it was Chemolicious Friday. It wasn't too bad, I was there for a couple of hours and had my lovely friend Emily there for company. I'm having a treatment called ABVD, each of the letters stand for a drug used in the treatment. To save me a whole load of boring typing and miscommunication here's a quick overview of the treatment at Macmillan. Their main toxicity is to the immune system (cutting you white blood count way down), the heart, the lungs and fertility. These are all relatively low at the dosage I'm initially being given and will only have a significant impact if I don't respond to treatment and they have to up the ante. Fingers crossed. 

I'll give you a quick Chemo outline before moving back to Guy's. You walk in sit in a comfy chair and they put a line in a nice, juicy vein in your arm. They flush it through with saline to check it's definitely going in then they give you some anti-sickness. Then one by one each ABVD is put through with a flush of saline between each. They're all fine except for D who is quite the bitch and decides that as the only drug that is in drip form, she's going to make it REALLY uncomfortable for you. I had to sit there for 40 minutes with a brain freeze in my arm and a disgusting dull ache.

Here she is having a whale o' time, little bitch:
They wrap the slag in tin foil because as I said she's a whiny bitch and is sensitive to sunlight. They put a heat pack on my arm and you can see my pasty ass skin glowing a beautiful sunburnt pink below from the coldness. All in all chemo 1/8 wasn't too bad, we went to the drive-thru after. When I got home I felt tired and had sickness but I had good anti-sickness drugs which seem to be doing the trick. I felt a bit weird all night, exhausted and unable to sleep but this morning I feel good for now. I'll probably have another chemo-comedown tomorrow though. 

I would like to apologise in advance for my lack of technical skills. I cannot work out how to put more posts on a new page so if anyone could enlighten me, well that would be swell. The blog's supposed to be getting the Changing Rooms treatment in the next couple of weeks so that should sort it out.

Guy's hospital post coming up shortly!


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